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School building development

For some years the association has been working to promote interventions in school buildings. The first project carried out was the construction of the toilets in the school of Tabla Mayu, inaugurated on August 2, 2014, for which the association covered the 70% of the cost. In the Kewi ñal community, located at 3,200 meters above sea level, an ambitious school building project was carried out, the cost of which was fully borne by the Association.

In three years, (2015-2018 ) four classrooms were reconstructed with toilets for students, the realization of the plan for the supply and distribution of drinking water to the fifty-two families of the community and the construction of four dormitories with bathrooms for the teachers who, given the distance from their areas of residence, are forced to reside during the week in the Kewi ñal community sleeping in a space created within the classrooms, in some cases together with younger children.
In 2018, together with school construction, the Association was able to take a significant step in a new sector. Thanks to an extraordinary donation, in fact, a small hospital was built in a rural area very far from the capital, with a population of 1,800 inhabitants spread over 13 rural communities. The operation involved the residents, who made available their manpower, the municipal administration, committed to providing part of the furniture and the health management of the Aiquile hospital, which sends doctors and nurses to the site. In August 2018, the hospital was inaugurated and we are providing it with medical materials and equipment, following the regulations of the Bolivian Ministry of Health.
In March 2020, the construction of the toilets in the school of K ’ocha Pata began, cost borne entirely by the association. Suspended due to the Covid emergency, it is currently at an advanced stage and we plan to deliver it with the start of the new school year in February 2021.

Suspended due to the Covid emergency, currently in an advanced stage and we plan to deliver it with the start of the new school year in February 2021.